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Exploration, Mining & Processing Fundamentals

Exploration, Mining & Processing Fundamentals

Build your knowledge & confidence in the mining business lifecycle & its technical jargon by examining its technical & commercial components spanning exploration, geology, mining methods, production & processing

Brisbane - 05 - 06 June 2014

Perth - 24 - 25 June 2014

Adelaide - 01 - 02 July 2014

Sydney - 05 - 06 November 2014

Brisbane - 25 - 26 November 2014

Perth - 02 - 03 December 2014

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The longest established, premier quality, best-selling mining introductory industry training course in Australia

Attend this course to learn the mining lingo so you can speak intelligently with your colleagues or clients about the industry and its technical aspects

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the make-up of the Australian mining industry
  • Discover mine exploration techniques
  • Understand mine geology and ore body modelling
  • Analyse resource/reserve estimation and statutory requirements: JORC
  • Learn about mine planning and mine start-ups
  • Analyse mining methods, processes and practices – surface and underground
  • Understand mine closures, environmental, safety and legal considerations
  • Comprehend corporate governance, industry challenges and the future

About the Course

This course will provide a new or relatively new entrant into the mining industry with a clear understanding of the fundamentals, workings and technical components of mining in general, and its application in the Australian and global industry.

Participants will learn about the technical aspects of mining ranging from exploration methods, geology, resource estimation, surface mining and underground mining to mine planning, mining methods and mine closures.

You will gain a sound understanding for the terminology used within the industry and gain knowledge of the motivation and factors that influence the technical and broader industry personnel whom they interact with on a day-to-day basis.

For those who need to become experts in the mining industry, this course will provide a fundamental background and starting point, and improve communication and negotiation with peers and stakeholders.

Who Should Attend

This course is not a basic level introductory course. It has a specific techno-commercial focus for technical and business oriented professionals who are either new to the mining industry or experienced in one part but could benefit from a wider perspective

  • New employees who need a good basic understanding/overview
  • Mid-level employees who have recently transferred within the industry
  • Executives and mid-level employees of companies on the fringe of the mining industry, who need an overview of how the industry functions
  • Bankers, lawyers, government, consultants and others who work for the industry

For those looking for mining industry basic awareness course we have a 1-day program available on request

A CPD Course
Use this course to help fulfil your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) educational requirements to retain your professional/chartered status



The fact that it gave an overview of all the important mining information, while not overburdening with useless, too technical info "
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