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The Rail Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Workshop

The Rail Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Workshop

Don’t miss THE workshop that reveals, in detail, how rail engineering disciplines work both individually & together to deliver an operating railway in a project environment. Improve your knowledge of the design, build, operation & management of the myriad of sophisticated subsystems & complex interfaces characterising existing & new railways. Benefit from a much broader & informed position from which to interact with project participants & contribute to outcomes with greater meaning & purpose.

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This first-of-its-kind workshop has been designed as a result of extensive research with technical and commercial personnel in the rail industry. There is a fundamental void of knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the complex interdependency of roles, responsibilities, and technical challenges that affect the success of multi-disciplinary rail projects – whether that is in design, procurement, construction or operations. As we know too well, knowledge and skills are traditionally ‘siloed’ to individual disciplines.

This workshop aims to close these gaps in sharing an appreciation for each other’s contributions and requirements through education and insightful, productive discussion.

What’s in it for you and your team?

  • Learn in detail what each key job/discipline in a project environment entails in terms of its goals, constraints, challenges, issues and how each discipline inter-relates
  • Learn how to utilise this understanding to improve not only how you work together, but how to improve overall project outcomes and perform at your optimum level
  • Benefit from a much broader and informed position from which to interact with project participants and contribute to outcomes with greater meaning, purpose and active contribution
  • Take away a robust, project blueprint to utilise back at work, derived first-hand, in a collaborative workshop environment

Who will benefit

This workshop has been designed for those who work in the rail environment on projects, predominantly design, development and construction.

  • Design and construction engineers will gain an understanding of how their particular disciplines interface with the other disciplines
  • Project managers will benefit from seeing how the various engineering disciplines combine to deliver an operating railway

Workshop goals and benefits

The goal of the workshop is for all participants to gain learning from the experience of others, what’s presented and through active discussion. It is important that all involved utilise the opportunities for discussion to bring up issues that may have concerned them over their years of working on rail projects and share them with others.

A workshop package including all the presentations will be provided to all participants.

As an additional benefit, the chairperson will summarise the 2-day workshop and collate key learnings and findings, from charts, commentary, debate and discussion made over the duration. This will then be provided to all workshop participants in a summary report once back at the workplace. You will be able to use this as a useful reminder and continual reference tool.

How managers can take action to improve project outcomes

Research with many engineers and project managers has identified that wherever there is interface and interaction between two groups/disciplines, there are clashes. Each discipline blames the other. A lot of this is due to the lack of:

a) Appreciation for each other’s roles and responsibilities
b) Effective communication and dialogue between project participants

Part of management’s responsibility is to remove these silos and communication breakdowns and help facilitate more interaction between disciplines. This is where this workshop helps.

In summary, this workshop will not be about what the ‘kit is’, but about the people who do it on a daily basis. How do people work together to achieve their objectives? What is important to each discipline? What do we need to know to do our jobs better and achieve optimal outcomes?

All participants will improve their success with the design, build, operation and management of the myriad of sophisticated subsystems and complex

WHITEPAPER: Mastering multi-diciplinary engineering across Australia's rail network

A CPD Course
Use this course to help fulfil your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) educational requirements to retain your professional/chartered status. Contact your relevant association to learn how


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